What is Techsauce Global Summit?

The Techsauce Global summit is the epicentre for global leaders in technology, startups, corporations, investors and venture capitals to collaborate while networking to improve the Tech industry.

At the Techsauce global summit, we like to share our unique, warm, friendly hospitality with culinary sensations of exquisite Thai Food accompanied by an array of thought-provoking conversations that will be sure to broaden your business minds and encourage new ways of thinking in terms of Technology

What is Techsauce?

Techsauce is the leading source of all tech and business news in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Our on-the-ground reporters and home-field advantage make it the home of unique insights, analysis, opinion pieces and data on one of the most mature digital ecosystems in Southeast Asia.

Our story

Techsauce was born from the partnership of two titans in the Thai technology startup industry, between Thumbsup, the leading technology media in Thailand, and HUBBA, the biggest coworking space network in Thailand. At Thumbsup and HUBBA, we believe that through the combination of these two influential experts in media, events and community, together we will become a stronger force to drive the Thai startup ecosystem to its full potential.

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